The Woodsman

Low Carbon / New Build

Demolition of an old public house Sawyer’s Arms, and design & build of a development of 4 town houses and a block of 20 flats with landscaped gardens and a private entrance.

Location: Ashford Road, Feltham
Client: A2 Dominion
Completed: December 2018

This groundbreaking project was first of its kind in the UK, using Thermohouse ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) for a block of flats. ICF is a type of formwork that uses insulation instead of shuttering that allows the builder to lay the lightweight blocks and then fill with concrete and reinforcement.

As a building method it is an incredibly fast process from the product arriving on site to having it positioned, freeing up valuable site space. It also very quickly forms a watertight building, not requiring the final cladding to protect against weather, allowing 1st fix to commence earlier in the programme. We then installed an advanced heat recovery system and coupled it with a natural reclaimed energy – PV solar panels.  The treble glazed windows are installed ideally with U values of between 2.0 – 0.8w/m2k. Collectively these give us the airtight sealed building.

The Woodsman was finished with landscaped gardens, and underground car park and bicycle storage area.


Benefits for the residents:

Better Noise Insulation, Lower Fuel Bills, Healthier Living Environment, Cleaner Air

Unique challenges:

Building the tallest Insulated Concrete Form building in the UK