Our mission is to reduce carbon, make buildings healthier and to help tackle the climate crisis.

We are a climate conscious building company based in west London, with expertise in low carbon buildings and deep retrofitting. With over two decades in the construction industry we have total commitment to both build quality and client satisfaction. Our portfolio spans everything from new-build housing to high-end refurbishments and cutting-edge retail spaces, restaurants and bars.


With 78% of London’s carbon emissions coming from its homes and workplaces, it’s time to change the way we build. Syntec is committed to building greener, energy-efficient homes now – healthier homes with better insulation, better air quality, low-carbon heating and cooling and renewable power sources.


We take great pride in our workmanship and care deeply about the quality of our finishes. It’s something that has served us well from the very start, and we’re rewarded by our many returning customers. Above all, we’re passionate about what we do and believe in providing a positive building experience for all.


As a company we’re flexible enough to work across a wide range of markets and adaptable to different ways of working. We look for the most effective ways to cut time on site, using the newest technology and innovative products which offer the best quality and value for money. We’re always aiming for excellence in construction.


Developing strong relationships is the key to our success. We work equally closely with designers, architects, housing associations and local authorities, taking an idea and producing results that exceed our clients’ expectations. We’re committed to using the best construction methods and materials available within budget.

Aftercare Service

Once the job is done we don’t just pack up and disappear – we offer 24 months aftercare and maintenance on all our projects.  Our Facilities Management team are on hand to provide reassurance and practical solutions to any issues. We take a ‘right first time’ approach to defects and provide excellent customer care.

Our Credentials & Certifications